Question: When is Carolina Kickoff?

Answer: Carolina Kickoff will be held on August 14-16th, 2019.


Question: How do I apply to Carolina Kickoff?

Answer: Applications open on May 1 at midnight each year leading up to camp and will remain open until May 31 or until the first 500 applications have been received. (Applications for 2019 are CLOSED)


Question: When will I find out whether I have been accepted to Carolina Kickoff?

Answer: You will be contacted via e-mail around mid-June!


Question: Where do we sleep?

Answer: We will be sleeping in air-conditioned cabins provided for us at Camp New Hope.


Question: How many incoming first-years are there at Carolina Kickoff?

Answer: There are usually about 175, but the number can vary.


Question: Can transfer students apply to Carolina Kickoff?

Answer: The majority of applicants accepted will be first-years, yet transfer students can be accepted on a selective basis.


Question: What is the cost of coming to Carolina Kickoff?

Answer: The cost of coming to Carolina Kickoff is $175.  Financial aid is available and should be indicated on the application if needed.


Question: Do the dates of Carolina Kickoff interfere with those of Pre-Orientation (Pre-O)?

Answer: NO!!  You can attend both! If you do plan on attending both, we will arrange for a Pre-O Counselor to meet you when Carolina Kickoff concludes.


Question: Do the dates of Carolina Kickoff interfere with those of band camp?

Answer: Unfortunately, the dates of Carolina Kickoff do conflict with UNC Band Camp.


Question: Do I need to provide my own food and snacks?

Answer: No way!  If you do wish to bring some snacks, you are more than welcome, but it is not necessary. All of your meals will be provided for you and you should have plenty to eat. If you have any specific dietary requirements, there is a section provided on the application to notify us.


Question: Where do I go once I get to Carolina to be dropped off?

Answer: Campers will move into their dorms the afternoon of August 13th or the morning of August 14th at 8:00 a.m.; names and info will be sent to Housing so check-in should be a breeze. Then first-years can be dropped off at the Campus Y on Cameron Avenue across the street from the Old Well between 9:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.


Question: If I attend Carolina Kickoff, when do I move into the dorms?

Answer: EARLY!!  Most students are not allowed to move into the dorms until Friday or Saturday, but if you come to Carolina Kickoff you can move into the dorms on the afternoon of August 13th and the morning of August 14th between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. before you are dropped off at the Campus Y!


Question: Why is Carolina Kickoff such a wonderful place to meet new people?

Answer: Carolina Kickoff allows for an environment in which you will constantly be surrounded by your new peers.  There will be activities set up for you that cater to meeting others as well as learning a lot about yourself before your first year in college.  Likewise, Carolina Kickoff provides 40 counselors who will give you all the inside information about Carolina to make you that much more prepared for what’s to come.


Question: I already know a lot of people, so is it still worth it to come to Carolina Kickoff?

Answer: ABSOLUTELY!! You can never know too many of your peers. The more connections, the better!